Genuine products for typical local dishes

Our philosophy in the kitchen is based on traditional gastronomy and a balanced approach to catering. The dishes we serve reflect the flavor and the enogastronomic tradition of le Marche using simple and authentic ingredients.
We use this care to prepare each breakfast using our own homemade baked goods and jam, giving you the energy you need to start each day.
We choose our ingredients from the best the season has to offer, ingredients from our organic garden, wild edibles we gather, fruit from our trees and our own extra virgin olive oil.

You can taste and also purchase the products we use in our kitchen from other local producers, like the stone ground flour, vino di visciola (a local specialty made by blending grape and sour cherry wine), ciauscolo sausage, cheese and hemp products.
We open the door to the agricultural traditions of le Marche. We awaken and satisfy all your senses because eating is not just nourishment for your body; it is nourishment for your soul.